Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letter from Audra

Hi everyone...

The letter below is from Audra, who has decided not to continue on this journey due to many circumstances that life has brought her way. While I know that she has influenced many, she has made the decision to step out in order to get some things in her life figured out. She made significant progress, but is now going on her own. We love her and will forever thank her for starting "Journey to Transformation"

This a letter that is very hard for me to write. I first want to thank you Fawn for being such an amazing example and a truly phenomenal person. If anybody deserves success and to have wonderful things in life, it is you. You are a great coach and you are great at what you do. I love that your passion is to help people and you have inspired me in many ways. I know that you put a lot into this journey and that your desire is to see all of your clients do well. I also want to thank the people who supported me and encouraged me along the way. It means the world to me and I am very grateful for all of you. Unfortunately there were some deep-rooted pain and emotional scars past and present that have been holding me back. I want and need to be emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy. I have made the decision to seek some Christian Biblical Counseling regarding these issues and to work on them and make them my first priority. While I am not giving up on the journey itself, I have decided that following the journey with Fawn as my couch would not be fair to her or the other clients she has, as I have to take a break to really work on these things. I want all my fellow journey-goers and friends to know that you guys are doing great and I am so proud of you! You have come so far and you are amazing people and I pray that God blessed each and every one of your efforts. I pray that you all be blessed beyond what you could ever hope think and imagine for yourselves. May all your dreams come to pass and may you be blessed wherever you go. I love all of you. Audra

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping Tips!

Here are some tips for GroceryShopping! Audra andI went while I was in Alabama and caught some of it on camera!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check out Audra's Workout Video!

When Zac and I were in Alabama, Zac took Audra and I through a workout! He taught her tips with posture, included interval cardio training and made sure that we left there tired and sweaty! Audra has included weight training in her workout program recently and continues to make progress!! Check her out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ordering Healthy Options!

When I went and visited Audra in Alabama, we went out to eat for lunch! A lot of people don't think that you can eat out and be healthy, but that is FALSE! You just need to know what to order! Yes, it is harder and there are a lot of "hidden" things in the food that add extra calories etc. but that doesn't mean you can never go out to eat again! Just be smart and REMEMBER....everything in moderation!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fawn goes to The Water Store with Audra!

One of Audra's favorite places to go in Prattville, Alabama, is The Water Store, owned by Susan Kelley! The water there is great, Susan is even better, and it is worth your time to stop by! Whether you want to visit the Oxygen Bar or buy some "miracle water," you can get it all there!!! Check out our video of going to The Water Store!

Friday, October 15, 2010

What is Audra Feeding her Kids?!

Audra has been intentionally feeding her kidshealthier options!! They are adorable and they love raisins!!! Take a look at this video and how dang cute they are!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check out this video to see just how great Audra's been doing with her meal plan while I've been in Los Angeles!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Audra's in the Paper! Way to go!!

Audra has been working so hard and I am so proud of all that she has done! Check out this wonderful article written by Hamilton Richardson in Prattville Alabama! She continues to make such amazing progress and has continued losing weight while focusing on a brand new mindset! Seeing Audra has been so amazing this week while I have been in Alabama and she really is such a wonderful individual! Fawn

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Audra, I'm SO Proud!!!

Audra has shown amazing progress! I am not just talking about weight loss, which she has done, I'm talking about her mindset and determination to succeed when all odds have been against her. I stand amazed at this woman's ability to balance family, school, and her health. Sure, it's been tough and she would be the first to tell you that the last couple of weeks have been a nightmare at times. But regardless, she has continued to move forward, ready for whatever comes her way! This week after realizing that her starting weight was not what we thought it was, Audra went through a really hard time....numbers can be really scary when it comes to our weight, especially when we think our weight is one thing just to find out it's not! Her starting weight was higher then we thought and she has been stepping on a scale that has proven weight loss, but the wrong starting number. This is in no way her fault! She has done everything as told and has made sure to stick to the plan. After a few conversations, Audra has realized that this journey is about more than a number on a scale.

People often make the mistake of focusing on a number, which will often be dissappointing! But when we focus on a healthy life and mind, we begin to realize that it's about so much more than a number and weight loss, it's about determination and movement...it's about learning to move forward even when the going gets so tough that we just want to quit! I'm guilty of it at times too! However, Audra continues to move forward and she can and will succeed! Why? Because she can see herself getting there and because she has people around her that believe! Way to go once again Audra, I am so proud of you! You have leaped forward in my mind this week! : )

Fawn "Baby Deer" Woodfin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Audra and her Determination!

Audra has been working so hard for over a month now! Lives are being transformed through her bravery to step out and make a difference! I have never met a more determined, powerful individual willing to put herself out there! Audra took last week off to recover and this week she will get back on the workout wagon. She is teaching me things at this point and my life is being transformed as well. I have watched her go from insecure, in hiding, afraid to let the world see her, unsure, to a woman who has stepped out, faced fears, learned to hold her head higher. She is determined to beat the odds and I know that she can and will succeed! Audra-you are such a rockstar! I love being your life coach! Fawn

Friday, September 3, 2010

Audra's Life Change Video!

Check out Audra's Video about Why she is on a weight loss journey

August 30th 2010

Chevy Chase Summer Vacation!

This weekend was supposed to be a great mini vacation and so relating but instead it turned into a hellacious nightmare! Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Chevy Chase movie, waiting for the director to day "cut!" In his movies all he wants to do is relax and have a good time, but instead there is always chaos, and craziness- I so relate! I was happy that I stayed on target with my food though. It rained all weekend and ruined our chances of going to the beach so we were all bummed. She did have a treadmill so I was able to stay active all weekend. While we were there everyone wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant, which is my down fall, but I told them I would try. We got there and after talking with the waiter she told me she was watching what she was eating as well and she said that she had some 100% whole wheat bagel chips in her purse and counted me out 12 of them because that was the serving size. So now I could eat some salsa and chips! I ate slowly and enjoyed every bit. Then I looked at the menu and decided i would have to make a special order. So I asked for a salad with only lettuce and a serving of guacamole and put salsa on top of it and had a salad. It felt so good to stay on track with my plan and still be able to enjoy my salad and my time with family. I am extremely tired this morning because I am having trouble staying asleep. I believe I have sleep apnea from being overweight. Regardless, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I have been sleep deprived for a couple of days now and am so sluggish and tired! Have a great Monday!!! Audra

August 27 2010


I am so excited today! I got up for my walk this morning and went on my morning walk. I was sad because I didn't' have my mp3 player but I have so much to do before I leave to go out of town this afternoon that I just ran all my to dos in my head and prayed as I walked. What a beautiful morning! The sky here in Alabama looked pretty as ever! PREPARATION is key in your goals to weight loss. all of us stay so busy so I have found that at night once the kids go to sleep I start planning for the next day. I get out the veggies and fruit and cut them up and separate them into baggies. I set out anything that needs to be thawed and make sure I have everythign I need so there iwll not be a panic the next day. If I have to have something I just run to the store and git it so it will be ready. For those of you wonderfin, no I would not leave the kids by themselves, they would have theri daddy and nana there. I love going to the store late at night, there is hardly any one there so I don't have to worry about running into people I know and would rather avoid with my situation the way that it is. I feel taht peopel are examining my food cart. It makes me feel so weird to talk to people who are thin and I feel so uncomfortable especially in the grocery store. They are for most part very friendly I would just rather not engage in conversation. Of course I have been looking a real hot mess lately. My hair always up and sweating like a hog roasting on the 4th of July. Let me just say for those of you who are not blessed to live here in the deep South...it is hot, humid, and sticky. I dont' mind the hot, it's the sticky and the high humidity that bothers me, but oh well, it's livable. Thank God for air conditioning!! so anyway, going back to preperation, it is vital to your success.

I am going out town this afternoon for the weekend to Mobile to see my husband's family, they have not seen the kids in 2 years, so we are going down there. Travis's aunt and cousin have monogram machines and they make clothes so I am hoping that they have some treats for me. I am getting some clothes from his cousin for Hannah and taking my kids to the beach for the first time! I hope they love it. I know me and my mother in law will! I haven't been to the beach in years! I didn't want to go and look like a whale that got washed up on the beach. It is not fun going to the beach as a big girl. You see all these beautiful women with beautiful bodies, in beautiful swim suits and you look at yourself in a big t shirt and stretchy pant capris with a weggie and you need to dig it out and playing with the kiddos and you think, God please don't let my children draw attention over here. So you wear sunglasses and a hat to kindof hide yourself from people. I mean, I'm not trying to be hard on myself you know, how people are especially at the beach-I am not being paranoid! they are always making fun of fat people all of the time, so that is why I am deathly afraid of going there this weekend. But I am doing it for the kids! So I have packed a cooler with water, fruit, veggies and turkey wraps and am eating like normal today and we are going to the grocery store when we get there to get our dinner, and food for Saturday and Sunday. I want to be ready for anything! Audra

August 27 2010 Thursday!

Good Morning everyone!!!

I woke up this morning and war ready to get my walk on! I love my mp3 player because I feel it helps me keep going. I downloaded songs from exercisemusic.com and I love hearing the beats and trying to match my walking with the beats of the mustic...corny, I know. I am so sad though, because as I was almost done with my walk it somehow fell and out of my pocket and now it is broken! I am now sitting here sipping my water and fixing to decide what I am going to eat for breakfast...hmmmmm i think I will go with the oatmeal, and berries. There is nothing like some healthy carbs and some warm oatmeal after a workout. Have you ever noticed the difference when you start to eat healthy and your body likes it? it is kind of your body saying, "thank you" and for that let me take some of this fat from you. It is a win-win. It is easy to give up on the foods you used to always eat NO as a matter of fact I would love a butterfinger. But, I know that if I eat it, I will feel terrible physically and mentally. The taste is only for a second and then what? You ate that sugar infested fat bar and then you will start to feel bad about yourself for eating it. It just is not worth it. I used to think I could not make it through the day without a coke, but I have and after you reaserach the damaging effects that drinking soda and even diet soda have on your body, you will quickly learn to love your water even more. I squeeze lemon into my water and I love lemons. The smell, the taste, which is a good thing because lemons cleans and they are good for your liver. Your liver is so important and taking care of that will help you towards your weight loss goals. FYI: If you are going to try to run, make sure you have comfortable shoes. I might need to go get some inserts today because my feet are killing me. I hope this day finds you well and blessed. Take Care! Audra

August 25 2010

Hump Day

I love Wednesdays I always have! Ever since I was a little girl I looked forward to going to church on Wednesdays. I started out my amazing morning with my cardio. You would think that I would find it a little easier to do the treadmill today bu nope. I almost couldn't' get the inclines done today my calves felt so sore that each step that I took I could feel the stretch and pull. My energy levels today were a little drained but I think that is from being up half the night with my kids trying to sleep in the bed with me and tossing and turning. I have noticed how the healthy carbs do give you a Little boost if eaten about 30 to 40 minutes before a workout. I also notice that when I add green leafy veggies to a meal it seems to perk me up a bit. I have to admit that now I love my homemade peanut butter and I want to eat it on everything! But I can't i have to make it at least one of my snacks a day! I have seemed to notice that apples seem to also give a little energy as well. The more fruits, grains beans and veggies I have, the less I crave the junk! I do not find myself feeling starved or deprived at all but I credit that to the diet being balanced and the water! I am fixing to go on my walk and I can't wait! Hopefully it will wind me down and I can get some much needed rest! Health and prosperity to you! Audra

August 22 2010

Sunday Funday!

What is in store for us today? Well I got up and went for a run, which actually felt really good. I need to find one of those joggin strollers maybe at a yard sale or something so I can take Hannah in the afternoons. I love Sundays! I am going to relax and cuddle up with the kiddos on the couch and make it a movie day! Take the time to thank God for all you have and to be grateful for the people in your life! Tonight I will go on another walk so I want to encourage you if you have been wanting to get out and do it-do it. Find someone to walk with and go for it! I wish everyone a great Sunday and may you be blessed! Audra

August 21st 2010

Hey yall! This morning started out a little rough as I hate the bike! It to me is the hardest. It was really bad because I am hurting from chafing. I mean can a big girl get a break?! My thighs rubbed together until they are so sore and rubbed raw. I will never wear panties to work out in again! That is terrible when you have to stop working out and go to the bathroom to see what the deal is. The sweat mixed with the friction of the movement makes for a bad outcome. I found out there is something called a chafe stick and I bought one of those. I also had to get some compression shorts and I think those together will work. Its just hard to tell right now because I am already hurt. So while I was riding the bike I had put band aids in where I was hurt and they kept trying to come off while I was cycling. It was embarrassing having to stop try to readjust and trying to be discreet. On a more comical note to you, it is hard for a big guh to see her sores when your stomach is in the way. So I know I must have looked a hot mess in trying to look and see where I needed to put the neosporin and band aids and I am glad that my husband didn't walk in to see me like that. thank you to all who support me...Peace! Audra

August 19 2010

Ok let me start off by saying that yesterdays workout made me want to go to the spa and hid there for days to get pampered! I could barely get through my routine, I did it but thought that I was going to fall over! It felt like someone had tied weights to my legs and I was making them move, but it took everything I had to get done. Then I went in the sauna and sat in there for about 10 minutes...I know it's crazy hot this summer and I don't need a sauna because all I have to do is go outside and start pouring, but it feels good and sweating is how some toxins exit the body. Then later I went swimming and swam laps. Tonight's walk felt really good when I was done. Peace to all! Audra

August 17 2010

Oh man! These past two days the cardio has been kicking my butt! I struggled yesterday to the point I had to lower the incline on the treadmill and I was just so tired and my legs felt like I had weights on the bottom of them. The walk I had that night felt really good though and I was tired but it was a good tired. I did not sleep good last night. I am experiencing things that had been making me anxious and it really affected me last night, that is what I get for not giving it to God like I needed to. I struggled through today's workout but I did it and then I had to go get some boxes and tape to start packing up what we are putting up in storage. So many thoughts are running through my mind like how did we get to this point and where do I go from here? Audra

August 16 2010


Hey yall!

As of yesterday, I have officially lost 11 pounds1 I am completely blow away by the emotional support I have been getting! It is amazing and in a sense it almost feels too good to be true. I knew that people cared about em before, but I guess in a sense I have been so numb emotionally to let people in. I know that right now I am so open and exposed for everyone to see and quite vulnerable. It makes me a little nervous, but I am trusting God. I have been praying for divine connections and for me to be completely connected to people that God would have me to be connected to for this season in my life. It is just so hard to trust. For some reason I completely trust my coach, otherwise I would have never started this with her. She is one of those people that you see right through-she is pure and genuine and has the biggest heart of gold. She is a modern day "Mother Theresa" I know I can completely trust her and she won't let me down. I trust Mel for the same reasons! Genuine, pure and good hearted!

Mentally over the past two weeks I am feeling better about going out in public- not a whole lot but the fact that I know I am working out and changing my life makes me hold my head up a little higher. I feel accomplished and I don't mind parking further away from the school to walk him in. I don't run out of breath anymore coming back to the car! I still have a problem with speaking to men and most women. Men are a real struggle for me, while women are more hateful and cut-throat. I hate the media for that...they are always talking about celebrities who have put on 5 pounds and taking pictures calling them fat and pointing out their flaws and putting on a idealistic view of how a woman should look and I hate that!!! I have already told y'all that I have tried all those diets etc, but this time I am doing it for real! I'm eating a proportioned, balanced diet and exercising and what a big difference that has made!

I know that I won't quit this time! Knowing that you have people watching you, behind you rooting for you and telling you that you can do it and that they are proud makes you feel proud and unstoppable! Thank you for all of your support! I really appreciate and love you so much!!! - Audra

August 15 2010

I Know that you are There for Me!

What got em here? D-E-N-I-A-L! Denial is what got me to 270 pounds and a size 22 britches. I needed a wakeup call. I needed someone to rattle me for me to realize that just because I chose to bury my emotions with food tehy would still be there, unresovled, and more complicated because of the effects of the emotional eating on top of everything else. Festering emotions and stress due to unresolved conflict are often the root of weight issues. It is sad, but the food acts as a temporary buffer between you and your emotions. it numbs the feelings. I have always had this emotion dependency on food, even as a child, it just didn't effect my weight until my senior year. Whether the emotions still exist or notice you've grown up, the habits of emotional eating remain. So it is learning how to break the cycle and focusing in your mindset. It's about renewing your mind with what god says about you. He said I am fearfully and wonderfully made and he loves me and has a plan and purpose for me and he knew me before I was in my mother's womb! If He cares so much about the flowers and animals-how much more is his love for us! I love the song by Kari Jobe- I know that you are for me. It is amazing and so true. listen to it and you will see! Later! Audra

August 13 2010

Woke up this am to barking dogs and couldn't go to sleep so I went on ahead to go for a walk. I have already mapped out the neighborhood with the car so I would know how far I had gone and today I went 3 miles. It was difficult and the way I mapped it out and I have to climb uphill twice and honestly I didn't know if I would make it today, but I had to! It was either sit there or walk back home. The hill was so hard for me, my thighs were burning and tightening and I had to just keep telling myself that I will feel great when I actually get done. It makes it a little easier to workout when I use my mp3 player. I downloaded upbeat workout music on there and for some reason the music helps. Today my am workout will be the treadmill, 1 minutes incline then 1 minutes recovery and keep doing that for about an hour. The warmup and the cooldowns are important and vital to making sure you have an effective workout. I also have been making sure to stretch before and after. I also make sure to take my 64oz water bottle and drink plenty while I workout. It helps adn I can tell a difference. It is nice to workout at the y because you can watch tv and it makes the time fly!

I find it helpful to eat before I do the am workout about 45 minutes to an hour before I go. Then about an hour after my workout I eat a snack and I think I can feel a difference in my body as far as the way I feel for the rest of the day. The more you workout and eat right foods at the right time and stay hydrated the better you feel. I also love lemon and have been squeezing it in my water without stevia and it gives a fresh taste. I am trying to not use salt and instead I am using spices and lemon and lime and herbs to flavor my food. Another helpful hint: green leafy veggies are low in calorie content which makes them easy to put in your diet and easier to lose weight. -Audra

August 12 2010

Live and Learn and Don't Buy Spanx

Ok! I am just wondering what in the world was I thinking when I bought some Spanx from Lane Bryant. I bought them a couple months back to wear for interviews and church. Good lrd! I put them on today but me and the spanx were fighting. Ok, first of all they do not work I mean I am no idiot, I didn't expect them to make me look skinny when I bought them, but good grief just being able to zip my pants would have been nice and I would have been hitting the mark. Second they are not worth the trouble! It is worse then when you are trying to fit in a pair of pants and you lay on the bed squirming around like a fish out of water trying to squeeze them on! I mean seriously, by the time you get them on, you are so exhausted! So my advise is do not buy them, dang marketing companies, I am sure you sit back enjoying your profits and getting your jollies from making fat girls look silly!

Yesterday I felt like poo and was sickly so I didn't eat I just drank water all day and had no energy- bummer! Today is a new day and I am sure the energy will return! I did go for a 3 mile walk early this am, but I have to step it up and I will be doing my bike workout later in the morning and tonight I think instead of doing a 45 min fast walk I will attempt to go for an hour and fifteen minutes!

In my quiet time this am I was reading about Peter and Jesus when Jesus walked on water. As he was approaching the boat where the disciples were, they were asking what is that then realized it was Him. Peter asked him if Lord if it's really you tell me and I will come out to the water. So Jesus told him to come and he was walking on water until he took his focus off Jesus and paid attention to the wind blowing. That is so true for us today! Stand up and speak to your storm- tell your storm who your God is! Stay focused on Him! Love you all! - Audra

One Week Down! -August 8th

Ok yall! I just finished my first week and I have to say it was interesting to say the least. One of my morning workouts was on the bike. I must have looked a hot mess because the woman next to me asked me if I was ok and I said yep, she was like, "are you sure?" I reassured her that I was fine and she kept telling me it was ok and I could stop. That is when I informed her Oh no ma'am! I can't! Besides, you don't know my coach! I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I am able to clean and do tasks around the house longer without taking as many breaks and can walk further and longer! So that right there alone is worth the hard work. As I mentioned previously this journey is also about healing emotionally and spiritually as well. So I am keeping myself pretty busy. Caden starts school tomorrow and Micah will start preschool next week. I start Fall Semester at Troy tomorrow and am officially a junior now! Woo hoo! -Audra

Day 7 - August 8th

It's all About the Climb!

Sometimes when you are down and out it gets so easy to get caught up in being negative. Being negative is damaging it changes and alters your attitude, when your feelings and your senses and alters your attitude. Your feelings and your sense of well being. There is something about being miserable that makes a person do and say things and act in ways they shouldn't and later wish they could take back. You know the old saying, miserly loves company? Negative influences and negative people have to to leave your life. There is no way to succeed if you surround yourself around negative people. I know because before I became really serious about turning my life around, I would get in these deep, dark moods of depression and I was hurting so bad that I would say and do whatever I wanted and didn't' care what anyone thought.

I have chosen to be around positive people now, people who want to be world changers and help others to fulfill their hopes and reams. I now believe that that is not a word for me anymore. Try means I'll see about it. So now it's either you do it or you don't. So now it's either you do it or you don't do it and if you choose to do it and you mess up, pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and do it again and again and again until you succeed. It's all about the journey and the climb there. Can I do it? Yes I can, one choice and one day at a time. You have got to have good support and you have got to be determined and motivated. Keep the faith! Love yall! - Audra

Day 6 - August 7 2010


You know I was thinking about the meaning of insanity. "to continue doing what you have been doing and expecting different results" You cannot expect to put in just a little bit of work or just a little bit of effort and expect big changes. No it's going to take hard work, determination, motivation, encouragement, and one heck of a will! Losing weight is not generally easy for anybody that is overweight, if it was easy, none of us would be big! I don't' think the almost doable parts will last long because as soon as your body gets used to you being active you will begin to enjoy it! The treadmill made me feel like my legs were gonna rip from my body, but I made it. I have to remember that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" and that it' not that I can never again have stuff that I love, and eventually I can occasionally put stuff in my diet, but it's about moderation, portion control and self control. It's learning to tell yourself no and bring balance to your life. Nothing worth having in this life comes easy! Fawn has made me see that it's not so much about the destination as it is about the journey! The journey is where I learn and where I am changing, it's where the beauty is. Audra

Day 5 - August 6th 2010

It's Friday Baby!

Today was an emotional day! I got my feelings hurt today and for a couple of minutes thought I was ready to give up. I was upset and just wanted to go eat. But after I vented to the camcorder I calmed down and came back to my senses. This is the first time ever that I didn't' chase my emotions down with food. Thank God for the camera and to some wonderful people for backing and supporting me! If not for Mel and Fawn and their Faith and belief in me, I probably would have given up today. It does my soul good to know that there are people who really care about me and care about what happens to me. It is their encouragement that keeps me going. i refuse to give up on myself and I know that now people are counting on me and I can't let them down. So yea Caden has his meet the teacher today and when the other parents started coming in there I just wanted to hid under a table. There were some moms there that were pretty and thin and I felt like I didn't even want to look at them and I didn't want to draw attention to myself. The it dawned on me, maybe that is why my child is so shy, maybe its because of me. Maybe he watches the way that I am around people and he is just mimicking my behavior. Oh no! So I have decisions to make that are difficult and I just want to take me and the kids to a day when there is peace and love and stillness. I realize now that people in America are addicted to food like alcoholics are addicted to alcohol. It is a real struggle and an epidemic that is killing people. When I lay down at night I feel how hard my heart is pumping and working to do its job and it scares me. If you really knew me you would know that I have to do this because I believe it is about life and death. If I don't do this I would be cheating my children and cheating myself and cheating all of the people God has lined up for me to minister to and help. I also value the relationship I have developed with Fawn and never want to hurt her. So I made it through 5 days! Thank you Jesus! Audra

Day 3 - August 4

Good afternoon everyone! Today has been a great day! I barely complete my high intensity training this morning, but I did it!

We packed some carrots, grapes and watermelon and me and the kids went with my mom to her friends house to swim! It was so nice while we were there. My mom stayed at the shallow end of the pool with the kids while I exercised in the deep end. I swam some laps, treded water, did pullups from under the diving board. So I got an extra mini-workout and it felt great! It brings me back so many memories of growing up and how much I love the summer. I was always in a pool and I even used to be on Prattville's Stars and Stripes swim team. So I played with the kids and showed them that their momma has still got skills and I jumped off the diving board a couple of times! Instead of being upset and insecure about my weight today, I had the attitude that you know what next summer will be half this size and this momma is gonna kill it in a swimming suit! I was in the shallow end of the pool holding my little girl and got so emotional watching her enjoying the water and the sun was beaming on her beautiful gold hair and her sunglistening skin. I was just thinking about how thankful I am. That I had that moment and could share it with her. I love holding her and talking to her and watching her every little move is so amazing and she knows how to work her momma! She is only two years old but she knows what she wants and I love that!

I spent some time with Micah and love that what he enjoys life and how he embraces every single minute of everything he does. Then I spent some time with Caden, my first born and that boy makes me melt...he is the shyest little thing! He is the child who sits back and observes what everyone else is doing and thinks about it. I love that about him. I can see how God grouped my kids together and made them different, so that together they all balance out. I try to make sure that they get the equal amount of one on one time with me. I want my children to know that I love them all the same. I appreciate each one for their own personality and character traits. My message to everyone today is enjoy the little things and cherish the moments that you have now for they will soon turn into memories!

Tonight I will be hitting up the pavement again. Thank you for all who are praying for me. You don't know how much that means to me. I might be slowly changing but don't' take lightly your impact- you are going to reap eternal blessings for your prayers my friends. For what you make happen for others God will make happen for you!

Peace yall! Audra

Day 2- August 3rd 2010

Hey yall!

I finished out yesterday as planned and had an overall great day. It is day 2 and today has been a doozie so far. I played with Hannah for a bit and then went for a 30 minute fast walk, which was supposed to be this pm workout but Hannah woke up and that's what I got to do. So tonight I am doing what I was supposed to be and my am workout. While I was cleaning up and doing laundry those cravings came on again and I started to think that maybe I can't do it and why do these people believe in me? I just had to pray and tell God how I was feeling and ask for him to give me peace and strength to fight temptation. I pushed through it and kept myself busy.

I was thinking earlier that sometimes I just don't get why it is so hard to ear right and make the right choices. But that is exactly it-it's all about the choices. I have found myself being very vulnerable and open and sharing things that are private that I would have never thought I would. It is for the good of others. To give others a voice that won't speak up. to encourage others to take a stand to make a difference in their life! I want to help anybody and everybody that i can but first I am getting the help that I need so I can be an encouragement to others. I f you are reading this and you are wanting to help someone you i know who needs to lose weight and get in shape please remember not to criticize but instead be positive and lift that person up. One thing that really hurt me was when someone had said, "well, Audra used to be a cute girl and all, well you know before she gained her weight." That scarred me, I mean it really hurt. I have forgiven the person and it doesn't matter who said it. I do not think that they meant it in a bad way but it cut me pretty deep. They say to forgive and forget but I don't think I can forget that, but I will use it for the good. I will use the experience as a reminder to be careful with my words and the things that I say so that I do not hurt people that way. Being overweight does not change who the person is. It just changes the outside appearance. As critical and blindsighted I have been about my own appearance, I don't see others the way I see myself. I don't look at big people like me or even people bigger than me and think things about their weight or see them the way I see myself. For some reason I see them for who they are, the REAL them. If you have ever judged someone for being overweight, it's ok you can change the way you think now. Just be careful that in any situation you don't judge because you don't know where people are coming from or what they have been through, you just don't know, you might be entertaining angels unaware. Just some thoughts...Love and peace to everyone...Audra

Day 1 - August 2nd 2010

Ok guys,

So today is day 1. I woke up this morning with a fresh excitement and ready to go! I started the morning with drinking 2 cups of water with some fresh squeezed lemon then I ate my breakfast!
This afternoon I am going walking for 45 minutes!

The workout was tough. I mean the incline was like wow! But it was the good kind of wow. I could tell it was working because I could feel the burn. I felt kind of uncomfortable when the room started filling up with men- I kind of uncomfortable when the room started filling up with men- I kind of felts some anxiety coming on...like they were judging me or wondering what I was doing there. Then I just imagined Fawn being there with me and telling me this was not about them, that this was not about me either, it's for God's glory and His will and the greater good for the people I am meant to inspire. So I bet my lip and realized that I needed to stop being so insecure. more than likely they were not looking at me in that way and I was just being paranoid, and even if they were, that is their problem. So once I got past that I was ok. I got done and it felt good that I did it!

I have noticed that I am not so tired. I have not noticed a huge difference in the energy yet, but a difference none the lesss! I had major cravings today. I thought about Mexico Tipico today and how I would love a chocolate donut, but I have kept strong and I keep telling myself that it will be worth it. I wish I had Fawn here with me, but I know she is praying for me, thinking of me, and encouraging me. Most important to me is that she believes in me and that feeling is amazing! Accountability is so important! I know that with the right team and with encouragement I will accomplish one small goal at a time. Audra

My Lifestyle Change - August 1st 2010

O yall. After talking to Fawn we have come to the realization that doing the green smoothie experiment is not the best option for me right now. Although I love green smoothies and still continue to have some, just in a modified amount. Fawn has come up with a complete meal plan made specifically for me, and also made a fitness plan. While losing 151 by March would be a dream come true, I am reminded that in order to keep me motivated and encouraged we are setting a more realistic goal and give it a whole year! The point is not to focus on the numbers but focusing on getting healthy and focusing on the journey. So I am committed to that. She is teaching and educating me on nutrition and fitness and working on psychological and spiritual aspects as well as physical. Like I mentioned before, for me this is a life changing experience. The is so important to me; I can't help but think of my beautiful grandmother standing in heaven cheering me on. I can see her talking with God and saying, "that;'s my baby"! I miss her so much. She was not just my granny but my friend. I thank God for every day and every day is a gift and a blessing. I look at my husband and the beautiful children that he has given me and am so overtaken with joy and awe! I am trying my best to put those doubts out of my mind. The thoughts that say, you can't do it, and it's too hard, and maybe this is the way it's supposed to be. I have to renew my mind with the Word and meditate on those things. -Audra

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Audra's Video of why she wants to change her life!

Audra wants to change her life and is sharing why! She inspires so many and has inspired me! She is one of the bravest people I have ever met and I love her!


Monday, August 30, 2010

One month down!

Week 4 down and in 1 month, Audra has lost 19 pounds! As time goes, the weight will come off more gradually, but it's important to remember that it's a process, which she has passed with flying colors! She has gained so much knowlege and already is ordering the right things, buying the right food, and learning how to combine things to get a balanced meal! A healthy new lifestyle takes time and it's always important to know that when starting a journey like this, it's not going to be easy!

In 1 month, she has lost:

2 inches in the chest
1 1/2 inches in the waist
3 inches in the hips
1 inch in the thighs

I'm so proud of Audra!!! She inspires me every day to live a healthier life and because of her bravery, others have joined weight loss journeys too!

Thank you Audra!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tips to Planning Ahead!

One of the biggest excuses that I have heard people use for their weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle is that they don't have enough time. The key to success is prioritization. When you make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, you are choosing to set aside extra time to make it happen!

Audra is going out of town this weekend, and she is already thinking ahead to what she should buy at the grocery store to pack for her upcoming trip! Because she is making smart decisions in advance, she won't be as tempted to grab fast food or the quickest unhealthy options available. One of the best things to do at the beginning of the week, before you go grocery shopping is to plan out your meals and snacks for the week, so you make sure that they are available when you're hungry.

If you don't have enough time to cook during the week, prepackage some balanced, healthy options to have them ready to grab as needed. Usually you can use a day like Saturday or Sunday to prepare for the week!

Don't make time your excuse this week! Plan ahead and make it your priority!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week Number 3 Down!!!!

Audra is currently down to 252 pounds!!!! That makes 7 pounds this week! I am so proud of her! She has set such an example and has inspired me in the way that she has pushed through this week. I find myself at times thinking..."I don't really want to work out today," and then I think of Audra, who is trying to move her entirely family and is still making time to workout twice a day and eat healthy! This then pushes me to get my booty into the gym and finish my own workouts!

I know that she is going to reach her goals, but even more importantly, she is changing lives by being brave enough to put herself out there. I hope that you are equally inspired by her beautiful life and that you being making a healthy lifestyle your priority as well! Continue cheering her on!

Way to go Audra!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Be Inspired

Every journey has obstacles, bumps in the road and things that will attempt to make us quit. When there is any opportunity to create true change, there will always be opposition. So when the going gets tough, press on! Audra has done JUST THAT! She continues moving forward and making health a priority in life, even though she has SO MUCH going on!! From being a mom of 3 little ones, to finishing school, being a wife and trying to move, Audra has still made this new healthy lifestyle her priority! She is an amazing individual who sets an example that we should all learn from....thank you Audra!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week Number 2, Audra Rocks it Again!

Audra has completed two weeks today and I am so excited to let you know that she has lost 5 more pounds and is down to 259! That makes 11 pounds in 2 weeks! Audra has been pushing so hard and her commitment and dedication are so inspirational! People's lives are being transformed through her and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be her coach!

Audra is a beautiful individual both inside and out! She is going the extra mile to make sure that she truly changes her life this time! What she is doing is NOT easy but she continues to make it through, which should be an example to all, when the going gets tough, press on!

I am encouraging Audra to face fears and insecurities that she has not been able to face before. For example, doing exercise classes at the gym may bring up some insecurities, so we are going to ease her into those so she can begin facing those fears and change up her workouts! She is starting a new cardio program today and incorporating 2 days of swimming classes into her routine. You can follow her exercise plan on this blog!

Thank you Audra for being so amazing and changing our lives while you change yours! Good luck week number 3!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kick up that Cardio!

This week we have really stressed the importance of pushing through Audra's cardio plan! Audra has been doing extra walking, pushing through when it gets tough and refusing to give up! It's all about hard work and determination...if you want to lose it, you have to put in the hard work! We will slowly incorporate weight training in the near future, but for now, we are burning through a plan that includes treadmill intervals, elliptical, bikes and a whole lot of walking!

Audra is already experiencing more energy and can accomplish small tasks without getting tired as quickly! It's only week number 2 and Audra "Rock Star" Sampley has made significant progress! She is going to make this happen!!!

For those of you at home who are not sure how to "Kick up the Cardio," we are going to include her plan so you can follow along!

Way to go Audra! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Come on the Journey!

Audra and I are going to journey together, but we can't do it without you! She needs your encouragement and help!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week #1 Done with Flying Colors!

Today marks 1 week for Audra on her journey to life transformation and so far I have learned so many things about this amazing woman! I have already grown to love her so much and look forward to our talks and life coaching sessions.

This week has been monumental for Audra...she has accomplished things that she never thought possible already.

Physical Fitness: Audra completed her required exercise every day this week! She turned up the cardio and did it twice a day! From walking on a high incline on a treadmill, to walking at a fast pace outside, she turned on the burn and did it! She even rode the bike on a hard setting for the FIRST time! While she was struggling through it a woman encouraged her to quit because of her obvious discomfort and Audra replied, "I can't quit!!" and finished like a rockstar! Today is Sunday-Funday, so Audra can do any type of cardio that she wants! I think she is going to go swimming with her little ones.

Nutrition: Not only did Audra follow her balanced plan to perfection, she said no to pizza that was right in front of her in a very emotional moment. Audra tends to crave unhealthy salty foods and eats the most if she gets upset or discouraged about something. This time, instead of giving in, Audra grabbed her camera, went out to the car and shared her discouragement with Mr. Video Cam instead of Papa John! This displays such strength and is a speed bump that she flew over! I have encouraged Audra, and strongly encourage anyone who struggles with emotional eating to find other ways to deal with their pain. For example, go on a walk, paint, pray, drive, whatever calms you down, turn to that instead.

Mindset: The MOST important part of this journey for Audra is the transformation of her mind that is taking place. While I'm all the way in Los Angeles, she is in Alabama, reminding herself 100,000 times a day that she has the power to do this! Talking to her, I can tell that she is in the right place to change her life. Alot of people say that they are ready for change, but if they don't truly mean it in the deepest part of their souls, success is impossible.

Her energy levels are up, and so are her spirits! True change is taking place and it's not just going to be on a scale!

I am so proud of Audra! She has already climbed up mountains of the highest kind! WAY TO GO AUDRA!!! Week number 1 DONE!!!

STARTING WEIGHT (August 1) : 270 WEIGHT AFTER WEEK 1(August 8) : 264

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Challenge!

Sometimes things in life come in ways that we least expect them to, which is why it's important to always be aware and keep our eyes open. We never know when someone may need our help and we have to be open to whatever may come our way! Audra Sampley has come my way and asked for help on her journey to weight loss and life change. She leads a busy life as a mother of 3, a wife and a student. She has a goal to lose over 100 pounds and dreams of one day building centers to impact women that are in her shoes and to tell them when they think that they can't, they can!

The most challenging part is that she and I are working together all the way from Los Angeles, California to Prattville, Alabama! Hard as it may sound, there is alot of heart behind this, and where there is passion and heart, amazing things happen! Over the next year we are going to journey through her weight loss together to experience her transformation. With a focus on mindset and determination, she is going to make it!

Join us on this journey and watch as her life changes. Follow us through blogging, journaling and videos to experience just how it feels to be in her shoes as she goes down the path of change. Times may be tough, but I have no doubt that Audra will succeed! Go AUDRA!