Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week #1 Done with Flying Colors!

Today marks 1 week for Audra on her journey to life transformation and so far I have learned so many things about this amazing woman! I have already grown to love her so much and look forward to our talks and life coaching sessions.

This week has been monumental for Audra...she has accomplished things that she never thought possible already.

Physical Fitness: Audra completed her required exercise every day this week! She turned up the cardio and did it twice a day! From walking on a high incline on a treadmill, to walking at a fast pace outside, she turned on the burn and did it! She even rode the bike on a hard setting for the FIRST time! While she was struggling through it a woman encouraged her to quit because of her obvious discomfort and Audra replied, "I can't quit!!" and finished like a rockstar! Today is Sunday-Funday, so Audra can do any type of cardio that she wants! I think she is going to go swimming with her little ones.

Nutrition: Not only did Audra follow her balanced plan to perfection, she said no to pizza that was right in front of her in a very emotional moment. Audra tends to crave unhealthy salty foods and eats the most if she gets upset or discouraged about something. This time, instead of giving in, Audra grabbed her camera, went out to the car and shared her discouragement with Mr. Video Cam instead of Papa John! This displays such strength and is a speed bump that she flew over! I have encouraged Audra, and strongly encourage anyone who struggles with emotional eating to find other ways to deal with their pain. For example, go on a walk, paint, pray, drive, whatever calms you down, turn to that instead.

Mindset: The MOST important part of this journey for Audra is the transformation of her mind that is taking place. While I'm all the way in Los Angeles, she is in Alabama, reminding herself 100,000 times a day that she has the power to do this! Talking to her, I can tell that she is in the right place to change her life. Alot of people say that they are ready for change, but if they don't truly mean it in the deepest part of their souls, success is impossible.

Her energy levels are up, and so are her spirits! True change is taking place and it's not just going to be on a scale!

I am so proud of Audra! She has already climbed up mountains of the highest kind! WAY TO GO AUDRA!!! Week number 1 DONE!!!

STARTING WEIGHT (August 1) : 270 WEIGHT AFTER WEEK 1(August 8) : 264

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  1. Hooooray Audra!!! This is SO amazing!! Like Fawn said ... mindset is HUGE!! So just keep believing that you can, and you will!!
    So much love!