Friday, September 3, 2010

August 27 2010 Thursday!

Good Morning everyone!!!

I woke up this morning and war ready to get my walk on! I love my mp3 player because I feel it helps me keep going. I downloaded songs from exercisemusic.com and I love hearing the beats and trying to match my walking with the beats of the mustic...corny, I know. I am so sad though, because as I was almost done with my walk it somehow fell and out of my pocket and now it is broken! I am now sitting here sipping my water and fixing to decide what I am going to eat for breakfast...hmmmmm i think I will go with the oatmeal, and berries. There is nothing like some healthy carbs and some warm oatmeal after a workout. Have you ever noticed the difference when you start to eat healthy and your body likes it? it is kind of your body saying, "thank you" and for that let me take some of this fat from you. It is a win-win. It is easy to give up on the foods you used to always eat NO as a matter of fact I would love a butterfinger. But, I know that if I eat it, I will feel terrible physically and mentally. The taste is only for a second and then what? You ate that sugar infested fat bar and then you will start to feel bad about yourself for eating it. It just is not worth it. I used to think I could not make it through the day without a coke, but I have and after you reaserach the damaging effects that drinking soda and even diet soda have on your body, you will quickly learn to love your water even more. I squeeze lemon into my water and I love lemons. The smell, the taste, which is a good thing because lemons cleans and they are good for your liver. Your liver is so important and taking care of that will help you towards your weight loss goals. FYI: If you are going to try to run, make sure you have comfortable shoes. I might need to go get some inserts today because my feet are killing me. I hope this day finds you well and blessed. Take Care! Audra

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