Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Letter from Audra

Hi everyone...

The letter below is from Audra, who has decided not to continue on this journey due to many circumstances that life has brought her way. While I know that she has influenced many, she has made the decision to step out in order to get some things in her life figured out. She made significant progress, but is now going on her own. We love her and will forever thank her for starting "Journey to Transformation"

This a letter that is very hard for me to write. I first want to thank you Fawn for being such an amazing example and a truly phenomenal person. If anybody deserves success and to have wonderful things in life, it is you. You are a great coach and you are great at what you do. I love that your passion is to help people and you have inspired me in many ways. I know that you put a lot into this journey and that your desire is to see all of your clients do well. I also want to thank the people who supported me and encouraged me along the way. It means the world to me and I am very grateful for all of you. Unfortunately there were some deep-rooted pain and emotional scars past and present that have been holding me back. I want and need to be emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy. I have made the decision to seek some Christian Biblical Counseling regarding these issues and to work on them and make them my first priority. While I am not giving up on the journey itself, I have decided that following the journey with Fawn as my couch would not be fair to her or the other clients she has, as I have to take a break to really work on these things. I want all my fellow journey-goers and friends to know that you guys are doing great and I am so proud of you! You have come so far and you are amazing people and I pray that God blessed each and every one of your efforts. I pray that you all be blessed beyond what you could ever hope think and imagine for yourselves. May all your dreams come to pass and may you be blessed wherever you go. I love all of you. Audra

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