Friday, September 3, 2010

August 21st 2010

Hey yall! This morning started out a little rough as I hate the bike! It to me is the hardest. It was really bad because I am hurting from chafing. I mean can a big girl get a break?! My thighs rubbed together until they are so sore and rubbed raw. I will never wear panties to work out in again! That is terrible when you have to stop working out and go to the bathroom to see what the deal is. The sweat mixed with the friction of the movement makes for a bad outcome. I found out there is something called a chafe stick and I bought one of those. I also had to get some compression shorts and I think those together will work. Its just hard to tell right now because I am already hurt. So while I was riding the bike I had put band aids in where I was hurt and they kept trying to come off while I was cycling. It was embarrassing having to stop try to readjust and trying to be discreet. On a more comical note to you, it is hard for a big guh to see her sores when your stomach is in the way. So I know I must have looked a hot mess in trying to look and see where I needed to put the neosporin and band aids and I am glad that my husband didn't walk in to see me like that. thank you to all who support me...Peace! Audra

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