Friday, September 3, 2010

August 27 2010


I am so excited today! I got up for my walk this morning and went on my morning walk. I was sad because I didn't' have my mp3 player but I have so much to do before I leave to go out of town this afternoon that I just ran all my to dos in my head and prayed as I walked. What a beautiful morning! The sky here in Alabama looked pretty as ever! PREPARATION is key in your goals to weight loss. all of us stay so busy so I have found that at night once the kids go to sleep I start planning for the next day. I get out the veggies and fruit and cut them up and separate them into baggies. I set out anything that needs to be thawed and make sure I have everythign I need so there iwll not be a panic the next day. If I have to have something I just run to the store and git it so it will be ready. For those of you wonderfin, no I would not leave the kids by themselves, they would have theri daddy and nana there. I love going to the store late at night, there is hardly any one there so I don't have to worry about running into people I know and would rather avoid with my situation the way that it is. I feel taht peopel are examining my food cart. It makes me feel so weird to talk to people who are thin and I feel so uncomfortable especially in the grocery store. They are for most part very friendly I would just rather not engage in conversation. Of course I have been looking a real hot mess lately. My hair always up and sweating like a hog roasting on the 4th of July. Let me just say for those of you who are not blessed to live here in the deep South...it is hot, humid, and sticky. I dont' mind the hot, it's the sticky and the high humidity that bothers me, but oh well, it's livable. Thank God for air conditioning!! so anyway, going back to preperation, it is vital to your success.

I am going out town this afternoon for the weekend to Mobile to see my husband's family, they have not seen the kids in 2 years, so we are going down there. Travis's aunt and cousin have monogram machines and they make clothes so I am hoping that they have some treats for me. I am getting some clothes from his cousin for Hannah and taking my kids to the beach for the first time! I hope they love it. I know me and my mother in law will! I haven't been to the beach in years! I didn't want to go and look like a whale that got washed up on the beach. It is not fun going to the beach as a big girl. You see all these beautiful women with beautiful bodies, in beautiful swim suits and you look at yourself in a big t shirt and stretchy pant capris with a weggie and you need to dig it out and playing with the kiddos and you think, God please don't let my children draw attention over here. So you wear sunglasses and a hat to kindof hide yourself from people. I mean, I'm not trying to be hard on myself you know, how people are especially at the beach-I am not being paranoid! they are always making fun of fat people all of the time, so that is why I am deathly afraid of going there this weekend. But I am doing it for the kids! So I have packed a cooler with water, fruit, veggies and turkey wraps and am eating like normal today and we are going to the grocery store when we get there to get our dinner, and food for Saturday and Sunday. I want to be ready for anything! Audra

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