Friday, September 3, 2010

August 12 2010

Live and Learn and Don't Buy Spanx

Ok! I am just wondering what in the world was I thinking when I bought some Spanx from Lane Bryant. I bought them a couple months back to wear for interviews and church. Good lrd! I put them on today but me and the spanx were fighting. Ok, first of all they do not work I mean I am no idiot, I didn't expect them to make me look skinny when I bought them, but good grief just being able to zip my pants would have been nice and I would have been hitting the mark. Second they are not worth the trouble! It is worse then when you are trying to fit in a pair of pants and you lay on the bed squirming around like a fish out of water trying to squeeze them on! I mean seriously, by the time you get them on, you are so exhausted! So my advise is do not buy them, dang marketing companies, I am sure you sit back enjoying your profits and getting your jollies from making fat girls look silly!

Yesterday I felt like poo and was sickly so I didn't eat I just drank water all day and had no energy- bummer! Today is a new day and I am sure the energy will return! I did go for a 3 mile walk early this am, but I have to step it up and I will be doing my bike workout later in the morning and tonight I think instead of doing a 45 min fast walk I will attempt to go for an hour and fifteen minutes!

In my quiet time this am I was reading about Peter and Jesus when Jesus walked on water. As he was approaching the boat where the disciples were, they were asking what is that then realized it was Him. Peter asked him if Lord if it's really you tell me and I will come out to the water. So Jesus told him to come and he was walking on water until he took his focus off Jesus and paid attention to the wind blowing. That is so true for us today! Stand up and speak to your storm- tell your storm who your God is! Stay focused on Him! Love you all! - Audra

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