Friday, September 3, 2010

August 30th 2010

Chevy Chase Summer Vacation!

This weekend was supposed to be a great mini vacation and so relating but instead it turned into a hellacious nightmare! Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Chevy Chase movie, waiting for the director to day "cut!" In his movies all he wants to do is relax and have a good time, but instead there is always chaos, and craziness- I so relate! I was happy that I stayed on target with my food though. It rained all weekend and ruined our chances of going to the beach so we were all bummed. She did have a treadmill so I was able to stay active all weekend. While we were there everyone wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant, which is my down fall, but I told them I would try. We got there and after talking with the waiter she told me she was watching what she was eating as well and she said that she had some 100% whole wheat bagel chips in her purse and counted me out 12 of them because that was the serving size. So now I could eat some salsa and chips! I ate slowly and enjoyed every bit. Then I looked at the menu and decided i would have to make a special order. So I asked for a salad with only lettuce and a serving of guacamole and put salsa on top of it and had a salad. It felt so good to stay on track with my plan and still be able to enjoy my salad and my time with family. I am extremely tired this morning because I am having trouble staying asleep. I believe I have sleep apnea from being overweight. Regardless, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I have been sleep deprived for a couple of days now and am so sluggish and tired! Have a great Monday!!! Audra

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